A Bariquin weighs 25st or 350 pounds which is approximately 159kgs. Each Bariquin is made up of 15 weighted parts, a jacket plus realistic looking head, hands and feet. The heaviest component is 16kgs (less than the weight of a flight suitcase). Carrying handles are provided on all the heaviest parts, allowing ‘Barry’ to be transported easily.

The material used for making a Bariquin, micrAgard Plus™ has been designed to retain its antibacterial properties with very little maintenance. It can be cleaned with just water or mild soap and water.  'Mild soap'is the type of soap that can be used without having to protect your skin. Do not use chlorine-based products or chlorine-containing cleaning agents to clean a Bariquin.

The head, hands and feet of a Bariquin are made from silicone, so dirt and dust should wipe clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe/baby wipe as silicone is waterproof too. Silicone however can be stained with inks such as permanent marker or oil based paints. Fake blood should be wiped clean (although the pigment may stain if left to dry for a prolonged period of time). If grime is ground into the surface of the rubber (damaging the silicone) this will also stain it and for any particularly heavy dirt, cleaning with IPA (isopropyl alcohol) on a clean brush or cloth may be required. If the Silicone is tacky on the surface after using IPA simply dust lightly with talcum powder. IPA can be found easily online, at certain chemists or even computer stores will stock it.

A Bariquin can be assembled in under 10 minutes due to the simple connectors used in its construction. All component parts have a decal on them to indicate where each particular part fits.

All Bariquins come with a 12 month guarantee against failure due to workmanship or materials. Full details of the warranty can be found in our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Bariquins can be returned within 14 days of receiving the goods (UK customers only) and the customer should give prior written notice via our email address. Returned goods are at the customers’ expense and must be returned in a clean, undamaged condition and in the original packaging. Full details of the Returns Policy can be found in our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

Bariquins are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

A Bariquin is made from migrAgard material which is anti-microbial, fire retardant, fluid repellent, non-rot, UV stable and are washable with just mild soap and water. It is a very strong material and has been chosen to withstand use in demanding environments. micrAgard is also fully recyclable and does not have the harmful components that are used in PVC. Bariquins are filled with recycled rubber made from excess rubber collected during the manufacture of new rubber products. The webbing that is used in the manufacture of the Bariquin is extremely strong too.

A special set of clothing consisting of a sweat shirt and jogging bottoms is available for purchase. These are placed on the floor or wherever the scenario is to be held, prior to assembling the Bariquin. Once the Bariquin has been built, the clothing can be fastened around 'Barry' to make him look even more realistic.

A set of overalls as an alternative to the sweat shirt and jogging bottoms is currently in development.

The lead time to produce a Bariquin is 14 weeks but stock held Bariquins will also be made available to reduce delivery times.

Contact our sales department by emailing them on or by completing the form on our Contact page. If you need to discuss your requirements, our phone numbers are on the Contacts page, as is our address.