How Barry The Bariatric Training Mannequin Was Born

Friday, February 5, 2016

Newsletter Jan 2016

How Barry The Bariatric Training Mannequin Was Born


Barry is the idea of Chris Jarratt, the Managing Director of Bariquins.

In January 2012, Chris was in a situation where he thought that he would have to give First Aid to a man who weighed about 28 stones. The man was having obvious difficulties with his breathing. This incident was unfolding in a building that had a canal running to the its rear and one side of it; a large, near-empty car park to the front and a derelict factory to the other side. As well as the man having breathing difficulties and Chris, there were only two other people on the premises, one of whom was a slightly built lady with signs of arthritis. Chris began contemplating how this small group of people would be able to position the man if First Aid was necessary.

Fortunately, the man began to recover his breathing and eventually it was back to normal. Applying First Aid and calling for an ambulance were no longer necessary but the incident made Chris wonder how the emergency services train to deal with plus-size people.

Back in January 2012, Chris was in the final year of his Product Design degree and about to start his Business Innovation module. So, for this particular module he decided to investigate what was currently available for training to manually handle plus-size people. The more he examined what was already available, the more he believed he could design a better mannequin. After graduating, Chris began designing his bariatric-sized training mannequin and also formed his company that was to become known as ‘Bariquins’. The design process resulted in many iterations to the mannequin. Finally, Chris was satisfied with the design of the mannequin and this also gained a name too. He came to be known as ‘Barry’.

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