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Thursday, December 5, 2019

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Enjoyable Training Course held at

Manchester Airport

Bariquins recently held a Train-the-Trainer Course at Manchester Airport. Delegates on the course were staff selected from the Fire & Rescue departments of Manchester Airport as well Liverpool Airport.

The bespoke content of the training took into account the many different scenarios that the course delegates may find themselves in. Exercises took place in vehicles, goods vehicles, buildings, stairwells and even a plane. (Due to an agreement with the airline that provided the opportunity to train on the aircraft, we cannot show images from the plane.) 


The courses have been created to give a practical insight into the management of plus-size people within the emergency care environment. They highlight the specific challenges that this brings with the aim of reducing the impact on the casualty and the personnel involved in their extrication.

All staff enjoyed the classroom and the practical aspects of the training and are looking forward to passing their newly-learnt knowledge on to their colleagues.

It may be timely to remind you that Bariquins do provide bariatric-based training courses for patient moving and handling as well as casualty-based training. We define the difference as to whether there is access to patient hoists or not (or the incident is time-critical and there's no time to bring in patient hoists).

For more information on how Bariquins and training can help your organisation, please contact us on


Training with a Bariquin provides competently trained staff who have the skills, experience and knowledge, reducing the risks when handling the plus-size person. It avoids the plus-size person feeling vulnerable, not having control and often, unintentionally, being made aware of the lack of training and experience of staff. It offers real-world expectations of dealing with plus-size people, not make-do pretences that lead to underestimating the care required.

Bariquins can be used to practice handling or rescue techniques, leading to less time dealing with situations, fewer personnel required to attend, less injuries to staff or their subjects. In turn, this can lead to less employee sickness or the need to cover it and fewer compensation claims. Complicated transfers can also be rehearsed and new techniques developed, designing out any risks involved.


Free Bariquin Training Mannequin Demonstrations
Sharp-eyed visitors to this September's Emergency Services Show at the NEC Birmingham (UK) may have realised that this year Bariquins did not exhibit.

Experience has taught us that our demonstrations are far more effective. At exhibitions and shows, Barry and Benny are just another product on display. However, when demonstrated to an audience, the real unique selling points of the Bariquin are on display. (Can you have the plural of unique points?) When one person turns up with the 25st/350lb/159kg mannequin and then quickly assembles him in front of the onlookers, it's more effective.

Plus, at our demos, the audience can get a brief chance to practice how they would use a Bariquin in a scenario that they're likely to encounter; whether it's inserting slide sheets or re-positioning using a hoist, to extricating one from a vehicle.

As there's likely to be a wide variety of people present at the presentation, from end-user to budget-holder, there's also the opportunity to discuss the merits of the Bariquin with all the interested parties.

If you would like to find out more about Bariquins attending your workplace and being shown one of our mannequins, please contact us on

Unfortunately, this offer is available to the mainland UK only. 

Barry & Benny's Round-Up

In this regular section, we'll be looking at news from Bariquins and other pieces of interest that have occurred since the last newsletter.
Barry is continuing his tour of Europe. Having been at IMRUA in Slovenia earlier this year, he moved on to Austria for a competition organised by the Austrian Red Cross. He was a great success at both events.


The global reach of Bariquins continues to grow! As well as increasing our exports to Europe, we are currently sending a Bariquin all the way to Australia.
Bariquins: Made in the UK. Shipped worldwide!


Finally, in our round-up:



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Stay Safe & Healthy.



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