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Thursday, April 2, 2020

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Bariquins at

St John Ambulance

CPD Training

St John Ambulance recently held a two day Continuing Professional Development workshop for their Ambulance Training Team. As part of the workshop, SJA had their Team Leaders from the Bariatric Retrieval Service (that St John Ambulance run on behalf of the London Ambulance Service) there. In order to develop and disseminate their best practice, a presentation was given on the role of the Bariatric Retrieval Service which included examples of the situations that they had been involved in. These incorporated both emergency and routine appointments when attending to plus-size patients.

Following the outline of the work of the Bariatric Retrieval Service, a detailed report was given on the equipment that they use when dealing with people living with obesity; everything from carry sheets to hover-jacks. Then, various pieces of kit for bariatric use were presented to the course delegates and explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each item of equipment were provided. Delegates were given the opportunity to assess the kit and put questions to the Team Leader.

Following this, a Bariquin bariatric training mannequin was then built up in front of the delegates, illustrating the Bariquin’s advantages of its portability (when not assembled) by one person and the speed of its assembly. After construction, the reality of the potential issues that could be faced by any member of the ambulance service or in similar occupations, when dealing with the physical size and weight of a plus-size person, became more apparent. This is particularly more significant with the Bariquin as it has its weight distributed throughout the body and limbs, not just in one heavy concentrated mass in the chest area.

As part of the Continuing Professional Development learning is to become aware by proactive means, rather than passive ones, the Bariquin was then used in a practical exercise. As the CPD training was taking place on the last Friday before Christmas, the scenario was that Barry was attending his work’s Christmas party and had collapsed, requiring the attendance of St John Ambulance. Unfortunately, Barry’s work’s party was on the first floor and use of the lift was deemed unsuitable. So the stairs, with two 90 degree turnings on them, were the only option. For the exercise, the delegates had access to the Evac Mat.

Throughout the scenario, the delegates, with one of them appointed as Team Leader, discussed their options and carried out each stage objective or, where necessary, re-assessed it before continuing. The bulk size and weight of the Bariquin meant they encountered issues that some previously had not dealt with. Having successfully negotiated all three sections of the stairs, Barry was safely on the ground floor awaiting transfer to the ambulance parked outside.

All the delegates, whether they were participating or observing, appreciated the practical learning points that the drill had provided. Just for good measure though, roles were changed and Barry was manoeuvred back upstairs for further opportunities in skills-based learning. After which, Barry was quickly dis-assembled and placed back in his roll-cage, allowing the CPD workshop to continue without any large health and safety obstacles to contend with.

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Barry & Benny's Round-Up

In this regular section, we'll be looking at news from Bariquins and other pieces of interest that have occurred since the last newsletter.


Bariquins have just completed their last in their series of Basic Moving and Handling the Plus-Size Patient Training Courses with Liverpool City Council. We enjoyed doing these courses immensely. These courses are also approved at CPD level. We had some great feedback about how enjoyable, interesting and relevant the courses were to the participants various roles. We look forward to working with Liverpool CC again on the next set of courses.


Bariquins have deliberately tried not to mention Covid-19 until this point. The Coronovirus topic is, unfortunately and with good reason, pervasive throughout every email and newsletter received, on every TV and radio broadcast heard, as well as across all sections of social media and the internet. However, it is not a subject that we can or should ignore.

As with the countless number of people's lives, all UK businesses and those worldwide, Covid-19 has affected us here at Bariquins too. Following the guidelines issued by the UK Government, Bariquins has suspended all of its training courses and free product demonstrations until further notice. We are still delivering our mannequins when purchased but we are also unable to provide the hire service currently.

We all look forward to when the restrictions will be lifted and life can return to near-normality again, although it might never be the same thereafter.


Some items that have recently appeared in the news about Coronavirus that caught the eye of us here at Bariquins are mentioned below.

Obese people are ‘at higher risk from Coronavirus’ from the Metro.

UK to use firefighters to deliver food and retrieve bodies in the Coronavirus crisis from Reuters.

And here's an article that combines the two (with a name check for Bariquins) about UK firefighters assisting paramedics lift plus-size people out of their homes from Kent On Line

Until next newsletter,
Stay Safe & Healthy.

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