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Thursday, June 25, 2020

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  • Bariquins Announce COVID-19 Policy for Training Courses
  • New Equipment from Bariquins 
  • Barry & Benny's Round-Up

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Bariquins Announce

COVID-19 Policy

for Training Courses

At Bariquins, we appreciate that real-world situations will require many people who provide key-worker roles to breach social distancing guidelines when carrying out their jobs. This is necessary whether responding to critical events or day-to-day care; allowing the rescue and recovery of casualties or the moving and handling of patients or people receiving care.

As the continual postponement of physical training is likely to be riskier than no training whatsoever, Bariquins has developed our COVID-19 Policy to allow for physical training but with the trainees and trainers health paramount.

Page 1 of our current policy is reproduced above. It undergoes continual assessment and is updated when and where required, as COVID-19 becomes more understood.

As well as the General Requirements of the Policy, it continues by outlining the Requirements needed for Classroom-based Training as well as those for Scenario-based Training. 

Policy requirements start from not sharing pens in the classroom nor having one designated comfort break for all trainees; up to wearing of PPE and sanitising equipment before and after use.

If you would like a copy of the Bariquins COVID-19 Policy for Training, please request one by contacting our enquiries department on

Continuing Professional Development learning uses proactive means to make trainees aware of practical techniques, enhancing the opportunities in skills-based learning. This is not the case with passive learning.

Bariquins' mannequins are ideal for this when used in practical exercises. The bulk size and weight of the Bariquin ensures that trainees encounter issues that previously they may not have dealt with, thereby boosting their knowledge.

For more information on how Bariquins and training can help your organisation, please contact us on


Training with a Bariquin provides competently trained staff who have the skills, experience and knowledge, reducing the risks when handling the plus-size person. It avoids the plus-size person feeling vulnerable, not having control and often, unintentionally, being made aware of the lack of training and experience of staff. It offers real-world expectations of dealing with plus-size people, not make-do pretences that lead to underestimating the care required.

Bariquins can be used to practice handling or rescue techniques, leading to less time dealing with situations, fewer personnel required to attend, less injuries to staff or their subjects. In turn, this can lead to less employee sickness or the need to cover it and fewer compensation claims. Complicated transfers can also be rehearsed and new techniques developed, designing out any risks involved.


New Equipment from Bariquins

One of the many pieces of equipment that we use in our Bariatric Casualty Training Courses is a casualty transfer net. The particular one that we have used in our courses was from a manufacturer that no longer provides this option.

Due to the interest and feedback from our trainees, Bariquins has developed and had manufactured their own Safe Transfer Net, known as the Safe-T-Net.  

The Safe-T-Net is 206cm x 175cm (6’9” x 5’9”) approximately in size, which is larger than the one that we had been using. The Safe-T-Net was designed to be wider as it is easy to reduce a larger net to a smaller one (by gathering in the webbing straps) than it is to make a smaller net larger. In the current climate it also assists in social distancing, though this wasn't the initial intention for increasing its size.

The Safe-T-Net is intended for the provisional transfer of casualties or cadavers and to be used together with other suitable equipment where necessary. As the webbing of the net has a minimum breaking strength of 3,000kg, it will be more than adequate for all such situations. The net is fitted with four carry handles per side to reduce grip-strain for the users. The Safe-T-Net is supplied complete with its own storage bag and, due to its minimal volume, should become a 'necessary piece of kit' on all fire appliances and ambulances, whether public or private. It's also competitively priced at £295 + VAT and delivery (in the UK).

If you would like a copy of the Technical Specifications Sheet for the Safe-T-Net, please request one by contacting our sales department on



Barry & Benny's Round-Up

In this regular section, we'll be looking at news from Bariquins and other pieces of interest that have occurred since the last newsletter.

Unsurprisingly, many of the stories in the media that have caught our attention have been those on the subject of Coronavirus and obesity.

Here are just a few:

'Lockdown Making Things Worse for Obese Americans' appeared in a few sources. This one is taken from Newsmax.

Various regions in the UK reported an increase in admissions of plus-size patients over the 2018-19 statistical period. This article, 'Obesity-related hospital admissions rise by more than 30 per cent' was taken from York Press.

Although this piece is a market sector report rather than news, it attracted our attention. The report predicts that 'Mannequin Based Patient Simulation is projected to be worth $2.7bn by 2027' The contents are at Research and Markets.  

As a result of COVID-19 pandemic, the National Back Exchange (a UK non-profit membership association whose goal is to develop, disseminate, and promote evidence-based best practice in all aspects of manual handling and back care) have produced updated training guidelines.

The NBE indicate that where training needs to go ahead, one of the recommendations that we found interesting is to 'use mannequins where appropriate'. As we believe that continual postponement of physical training is likely to be riskier than no training whatsoever, Bariquins wholeheartedly agree with this particular recommendation. Here is the NBE's statement on Training and Covid-19.



Until next newsletter,

Stay Safe & Healthy.


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