Bariquins & Their Very First Exhibition

7 September, 2016

Bariquins & Their Very First Exhibition


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (September 2016)

As a change from the usual stat attack, this month I’m going to give you the background into Bariquins’ preparation for our first exhibition. It’s at this month’s

Emergency Services Show

on 21st & 22nd September

at the National Exhibition Centre (or NEC) Birmingham, England.


If you’re going, you’ll find us at Stand P65, to the side of the area where Highways England are.



After initially booking the shell stand in, what now seems a long time ago, March, next on the list of priorities was accom…

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Cruising, Obesity and Medevacs

3 August, 2016

Cruising, Obesity and Medevacs


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (August 2016)


Taking a holiday on a cruise ship is becoming more popular these days. The latest figures available show that, for the UK and Ireland, passenger numbers for ocean cruises have reached new heights. They have achieved a record total of 1,789,000 passengers in 2015 (Stats available here ). And that’s passengers from our local shores. There are also plenty of cruise ships visiting the shores of Britain with tourists from abroad.



The port of Southampton alone handled over one and a half million passengers in 2014 (S…

Tags: emergency, Bariquins, bariatric, search, rescue, health service, ambulance, cruise, ship, liner, passenger, cruiser, medevac, evacuation, medical

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EUROPE: Who Are The Top 5 Most Obese Nations There (Now The UK Is Leaving)?

6 July, 2016

EUROPE: Who Are The Top 5 Most Obese Nations There (Now That The UK Is Leaving)?


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (July 2016)


Okay, first of all, let me put the facts straight. I know that we are still part of the continent of Europe, it’s the European Union that we’ve voted to leave. And also, we haven’t started to leave the EU yet, that’s after Article 50…..blahdy, blahdy, blah. (I think there’s enough that’s been written about that already, so I’ll leave that subject there.)


Having covered the rates of obesity around the UK nations last month (or what is the UK at the time of writing th…

Tags: health service, health, Bariquins, bariatric, Barry, Europe, United Kingdom, UK, Croatia, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovinia, Macedonia, Greece, obese, obesity, plus-size, fat

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The UK’s Current Obesity Rate & Future Predicted Rate

1 June, 2016


The UK’s Current Obesity Rate & Future Predicted Rate


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (June 2016)


            Once again America has recorded an increase in their obesity rate. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released some data this week from its 2015 National Health Interview Survey. This shows that the obesity rate in America has risen 0.5% from the 2014 rate to 30.4% in 2015.

Albeit a small increase, it is still heading in the wrong direction. Furthermore, the results are the self-estimated weight of those being interviewed. The rates could be even higher if t…

Tags: Bariquins, bariatric, Barry, obese, obesity, health service, health, plus-size, mannequin, manikin, dummy, ambulance, emergency, fire, fat, rescue, paramedic, police

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