The UK’s Current Obesity Rate & Future Predicted Rate

1 June, 2016


The UK’s Current Obesity Rate & Future Predicted Rate


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (June 2016)


            Once again America has recorded an increase in their obesity rate. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released some data this week from its 2015 National Health Interview Survey. This shows that the obesity rate in America has risen 0.5% from the 2014 rate to 30.4% in 2015.

Albeit a small increase, it is still heading in the wrong direction. Furthermore, the results are the self-estimated weight of those being interviewed. The rates could be even higher if t…

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Back Pain and the Health and Social Care Sector

4 May, 2016


Back Pain and the Health and Social Care Sector


By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (May 2016)


            Recent conversations have made me recall the stats I came across when carrying out market research during the early days of developing the Bariquin. I found an article reporting that the charity BackCare had carried out an investigation and they had discovered that, each year, over 80,000 nurses injure their backs at work. That’s work-related musculoskeletal disorders or WRMSDs if you want the technical term.  BackCare also learnt that, annually, 3,600 healthcare workers are forced to ret…

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Obesity And HGV Drivers

5 April, 2016

Obesity And HGV Drivers


 By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (Apr 2016)


Last week, research published in The Lancet medical journal stated that by 2025, a fifth of all adults around the world and a third of those in the UK will be obese. Obesity is classed as having a body mass index over 30. The effect that this amount of obesity will have on such organisations like the NHS, councils, care homes and many others will be immeasurable. Although, that’s 9 years away, it will be a daily incremental increase up to that point.

With the report registering alarm at the fact that, globally, a fifth of ad…

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March 2016 Newsletter

1 March, 2016

Obesity And How It Affects The Outcome In Collisions Involving An Obese Driver or Passengers.

By Chris Jarratt of Bariquins (Mar 2016)


I was interested in a recent article that I had discovered and then tweeted on the @bariquins account. It concerned a study which concluded that obese drivers were more likely to die in road traffic collisions. Stats were gathered from fatal collisions between 1999 and 2012 in the US. Although records were available for over 750,000 fatal crashes, of which obesity information was held for over half a million fatals, the study concentrated on obese drivers of …

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