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Here are our currently available products from Bariquins. More will be added in the near future, so keep a look out to see what's new from Bariquins.

ProMove BariKit

This kit contains everything that an Emergency Services specialist is likely to need for the first point of contact with the obese or bariatric patient/casualty.

The kit comprises of:

three slings, each identified by colour: Emergency Service (ES) sling, SWL 45 stone/630 lb/290 kg; Bariatric and Super Bariatric (BS, SBS) slings, SWL 63 stone/882 lb/400 kg; padded lifting belt for 2 operatives to lift legs; Bugg strap to assist placing the sling; 8 extension handles; heavy slide sheet, 1 m x 2 m; large bag.

Bariquins bariatric training mannequin in a ProMove Crane Kit

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ProMove Bariatric Crane Kit

The Crane sling and Spacer Bar by ProMove kit comprises: crane sling, (incorporating head support and red X shaped safety harness), two piece metal spacer bar, 2 x stirrups, dignity sheet, set of 6 adjustable anchor straps, set of 12 steel connectors, large tubular slide sheet, bugg strap, set of 8 extension handles and a large carry bag. Individual crane kit items can be bought separately.

The spacer bar and sling conforms to the following regulations: EN 1498: 2006 / CE / Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745. The Crane sling kit has been rated to a SWL 500 kg (78 stone / 1102 lb), each stirrup has been rated to a SWL 100kg (16st/220lb).

The Crane Sling and Stirrups are intended for hoisting by crane or rope and pulley. The handles are to assist with getting the sling into place and manoeuvring the individual/casualty before lifting. Safe working loads apply when lifting forces are attached to the appropriate steel points.

Moving bariatric individuals has special problems and careful planning and risk assessment is needed. Placing a bariatric individual on their back may not be possible because of health or location problems. In some cases this can cause serious respiratory difficulty that may be fatal. If in a seated position, maintain the individual in that position.

A Bariquin bariatric training mannequin in a ProMove Sling supported by a ProMove Crane Kit

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Slide Sheets

Easy slide, silicon-coated polyester large-size (bariatric) slide sheets for moving and handling plus-size people. Essential for minimising the effort using best practice techniques when re-position a person living with obesity. Using slide sheets reduces the effort required by healthcare workers, emergency personnel and funeral directors,


helping to reduce muscle strain or back injuries. Use the slide sheets as a pair to minimise the physical tasks required.

The slide sheets can also be used to transfer a plus-size person from one piece of equipment to another. This can prevent leaving a piece of equipment with the plus-size person at the premises where the person has been transferred to and having to return to collect the equipment at a later date.


Blue slide sheets are reusable and for infection control, the slide sheets can be washed at up to 80 degrees centigrade.

Red slides sheets are patient-specific and should not be used on different people.

It must be remembered that slide sheets are not carry sheets.


Available as:

Reusable with handles (per pair)




Patient-specific with handles (per pair)



Patient-specific no handles (per pair)  



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