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Saving Time and Money for the Police Services

How Training With A Bariquin Mannequin Can Help You

A Bariquin mannequin is ideal for Police service training due to its human-like features, the quality of its manufacture and its lifelike joint movement. The impact-resistant, non-rot micrAgard material used to make the casing of the Bariquins is also anti-microbial, fluid-repellent and wipe-clean. It is also washable with mild soap and water to preserve its appearance. The strong webbing is wipe-clean too. This all ensures that these mannequins can undergo robust training rehearsals and still look good. In addition, the superior appearance of the Bariquin will complement your organisation’s professional reputation. Pictograms on each of the component parts of a Bariquin ensure assembly and separation of the Bariquin’s parts is swift and straightforward.


The innovative Bariquins design allows a single trainer to transport the 25 stone mannequin –when not assembled- between different venues. This allows individual instructors to attend the training groups’ location rather than numerous trainees traveling from their usual venue. This reduces the associated expense and disruption of such arrangements.

A portable roll-cage, capable of being disassembled too, is also available from Bariquins. This lets solo instructors unload the mannequin from their vehicle (or remove it from storage) and wheel it to the demonstration area in a quick and safe manner.

A Bariquin even has advantages over a real person as it can be used in lifelike scenarios where a person cannot be used –for instance, in collapses in confined areas, like cell toilets.

Bariquins can provide the following values for Police service organisations:

  • Reduced time spent attending incidents due to better training
  • Fewer staff members required to deal with incidents
  • Revenue can be earned by providing training to others
  • Reduction in staff sickness due to back injuries
  • Fewer compensation claims
  • Less need for provision of cover for staff on sick leave
  • More complex scenarios can be practised
  • New techniques can be devised, designing out any risks involved
  • Complicated removals can be practised before carrying out the actual movement of a real person in an evacuation or other scenario
  • The superior appearance of the Bariquins will complement your organisation’s professional reputation


In the unlikely event that the tough casing of the mannequin is accidentally pierced or sliced, the relevant individual section can be replaced or repaired –much cheaper than sending a complete mannequin for repair or throwing it away.

Each section of a Bariquin mannequin is filled with recycled rubber crumb, a non-hazardous substance which has undergone a rigorous process to remove all impurities and can easily be cleared up. The choice of this eco-friendly filling used in all Bariquins can also enhance your organisation’s environmental policy.

All Bariquins come with a 12 months guarantee to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship.

And when all the training is complete, the Bariquin can be stored in its roll-cage or on suitable shelving. It doesn’t have to be thrown in the corner of a garage or dropped on the store room floor, to become a safety hazard in itself.


See the advantages that the Bariquin has for the Police Services




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