What Is A Bariquin?


A Bariquin is a plus-size mannequin training aid. ‘Barry’ as the original is known, is a bariatric training mannequin that weighs 25 stones (350lbs/159kgs), yet it is easy to disassemble to move or store. Barry has been designed to assist the manual handling training of healthcare workers, emergency personnel and many others enabling them to safely and efficiently manoeuvre or rescue plus-size people whilst maintaining the subject's dignity.



Advantages of a Bariquin


  • Only one instructor is needed to take the Bariquin to where tuition takes place; not a team of instructors (avoiding more expense every time it's used) nor a group of untrained students (preventing injury)
  • No need to purchase industrial lifting equipment or chance using an insufficient number of trainers
  • The heaviest component of a Bariquin weighs 16kg (less than your flight suitcase) as the UK Manual Handling Operations Regulations state the maximum weight a woman should lift to elbow height is 16kg. (That’s the regulations being gender-specific, not us.)
  • Bariquins have limbs that flex similar to a real person 
  • Realistic looking head, hands and feet help trainees react like they're dealing with a person, not a dummy
  • Weight distribution is throughout the body and limbs, not concentrated in one heavy, unrealistic mass
  • Water is not required to add the weight, which avoids filling and emptying the water in situ. Plus there's no trailing of hoses through corridors
  • Leakages and bursts are averted and water is not wasted after use
  • Bariquins are designed to be quick to set up prior to training due to the system of decals and connector markings
  • Amputee scenarios can be practiced
  • Bariquins are even quicker to take apart after training
  • They store away easily when not in use and don’t become a trip-hazard
  • They’re manufactured to a high quality and have a superior look to them, reflecting the professionalism of the organisations using them
  • They can be used in demanding scenarios due to the impact resistant material, heavy duty fittings and robust manufacturing methods
  • They are practical to train with, dealing with the size and weight of a plus-size person in benign conditions
  • Bariquins' mannequins are a durable piece of kit and are made in the UK
  • There’s a 12 months guarantee against material defects in the Bariquins’ design, material and workmanship
  • In the unlikely event that the tough casing of the mannequin is accidentally pierced or sliced, the relevant individual section can be replaced or repaired –much cheaper than sending a complete mannequin for repair or disposing of it all together


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'Barry' in his detached state



What’s more, he’s been created and built in Britain

with a 12 months guarantee against material defects in design, material and workmanship.

There’s also a 14 days returns policy.

(See our T&Cs for full details.)

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