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Bariquins have resumed their Training Courses and Hire Service.


Bariquins have now developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy for their Training Courses and for the hire of their bariatric training mannequins. If you wish to obtain a copy of our COVID-19 Policy, please contact our Enquiries Department via





or by completing the message form at the foot of this page. 


We are also still in a position to supply our mannequins for purchase or via the finance options that we offer.



Please stay safe in these extraordinary times.


Bariquins training mannequins are designed, created and manufactured in the UK.


  Delivered worldwide.


Bariquins make

25st/350lb/159kg training mannequins

that one person can carry.



Complete with a 12 months guarantee against material defects in design, material and workmanship.

There’s also a 14 days returns policy.

(See our T&Cs for full details.)



So, does your organisation deal with plus-size people in routine or emergency situations?


Obesity affects the service that you provide in many ways. As the rates of obesity increase throughout the world, these effects will escalate.


Whether your organisation carries out in-house training or uses external training companies, Bariquins can help you, whether it's buyingleasing or renting their training mannequins or undergoing their training courses.


Do you want to:


  • Reduce musculoskeletal injuries to staff?
  • Deal with incidents involving plus-size casualties more efficiently and safely?
  • Teach the correct use of bariatric equipment to your staff?
  • Maintain the dignity of your plus-size passengers, guests, residents, patients or casualties?
  • Safely lower the number of your staff attending a bariatric incident?
  • Demonstrate your bariatric products to potential customers?
  • Have bariatric training provided at your staff's place of work?
  • Reduce the associated expense and disruption of having your staff train away from where they are based?
  • Use a plus-size mannequin that best reflects the professionalism of your organisation?
  • Reduce the risk of litigation against your organisation?
  • Rehearse plus-size amputee scenarios?
  • Train for emergency evacuations?
  • Practice more complex scenarios for moving plus-size people?
  • Devise new techniques, designing out any risks involved?
  • Prepare for complicated extrications before moving a real plus-size person?
  • Develop your staff’s skills and knowledge with ad hoc training (when time allows)?
  • Allow your staff to repeatedly practice as often as they are able to?
  • Hold training sessions that are not affected by a real-life model becoming tired or breathless?
  • Avoid the reluctance of your staff moving and handling a plus-size person before they are confident?
  • Have your staff qualify to provide in-house training?
  • Lessen the need to cover for staff on sick leave due to musculoskeletal injuries?


If the answer to any of the above is


then email us or complete our Contact Form (at the base of this Home page) with your enquiry and we will respond.


Download our Brochure (at the top of this Home page) for more details.


There’s also more details about Bariquins bariatric training mannequins on our 'Products', 'Weekly Hire' and ‘Finance’ webpages.


Bariquins also provide a range of training courses for plus-size casualty or plus-size patient moving and handling. From Basic to Train-the-Trainer level, there’s a course that will suit your organisation. Please see our ‘Training’ webpage for more information.




 Our new (VOIP) phone number is 

+44 (0)161 464 6160




Check out what Bariquins are currently up to and keep updated by following our Twitter account and viewing our YouTube videos.



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